Sound Therapy and the Miracle of Music

I remember as a youngster how much I loved listening to music when I was doing my homework and it hasn’t changed since then. Nowadays, I paint, write, and cook to music. it aids me to stay focused and imaginative. Because of my multi-cultural background, I love listening to various kinds of music. The music I listen to is contingent upon my mood. Music search

If I’m feeling depressed and I’d like to feel better, I put on an energetic CD that has an enjoyable dance beat that gets me in a positive mood instantly since my body is able to respond to the beat. If I am feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed I listen to Bach, Satie or Mozart and instantly let my mind rest. Sometimes, I am nostalgic for my roots, and my heart screams at me to listen to Arabic or Indian music, or other music that brings me back of the happy moments of my life. I play that music for a few minutes to calm my soul, and it does wonders.

The use of music and sound is the oldest treatment method. It was used in the mysterious institutions in Tibet, India, Egypt, China, Athens and Rome for many thousands of. Over the course of time, much of this knowledge was lost in the west, but it is currently returning.

Since the beginning of time music has been an integral element of Indian culture. Music is a long-standing component of Ayurveda which is a integrative Indian science that encourages the healthy and happy life. The healing power of music comes through the resonance of specific Ragas on glandular and hormonal functions, which release substances that keep your body in balance and free from infections. There’s music to help with indigestion and to boost self-confidence, music to help with insomnia, and to treat arthritis and gall stones to ease anxiety, and for every ailment that you can think of.

Music has the ability to improve the quality of life and concentration, and promoting happiness and peace. It is crucial to understand the process and the time of time during which therapy with music is to be conducted. Music therapy can help combat the negative elements of our personalities like anxiety or stress. It can also help with abdominal pain, headaches struttering, tension, and strokes. Music therapy is among the most effective methods for controlling blood pressure, emotional stress and restoring the function in the liver.

It is also believed that music triggers the pituitary gland whose releases influence the nervous system as well as the circulation of blood. To heal through music, it is essential to stimulate the cells of the body. It is through these vibrations that a person’s perception of reality can be changed to encourage good health. The appropriate music can help one relax and refresh. A good mix of music that is light also improves efficiency when working. It reminds me of a colleague who loved listening to the music that was popular in the 1980s as background music used in lifts throughout every hotel in the US. Personally, I was not a fan of the monotonous as it was able to lull one into a state of calm. Relaxing and being docile are two completely different types of states of being.

Modern medical science and technology has rediscovered the healing properties of music, and it is now is now a standard form of treatment in orthodox medical practice. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet who was able to heal thousands of people when he was in a trance stated that music was the cure of the future’. I have read that we could anticipate in the future are Tonal spas in which we can revive our energy fields. Perhaps even chanting facilities in workplaces and schools? This is music to me!

If that isn’t the case however, you can in the meantime access the latest music and videos on YouTube to trigger and boost frequencies of DNA in pituitary gland and your pineal gland as well as many more. The goal is of helping you grow.

Be cautious about the music you are listening to, there are many things that are not genuine on youtube. The music you listen to will inspire your body and make you feel great.

Plato wrote”Music is a moral rule. It provides spirit to all things as well as wings for the mind and imagination, flight to the mind and a calming effect to sadness as well as a life force to every thing. I am in complete agreement with him.

Here are a few words about 2012. No matter what your opinions and beliefs are regarding things like Mayan prophecy, the spiritual or religion, or about the chaotic and widespread evil and violence across the world, I am sure you’ll agree with me on one thing and that is that something has to change. We can’t continue in this manner and continue to self-destruct.

My personal conviction is that we were created to grow. It’s a never-ending upwards adventure for humans and all living things on the planet. To me, that is the main reason and purpose of existence. Consciousness Evolution. The entire world and everything that is on is continuously changing, and this has been happening for many eons. The past has taught us that there are specific phases as well as major cycles in cosmic and planetary change and right now we are experiencing a significant cycle shift. We’re actually at the point of this, and I believe it’s not going to come to an abrupt close in 2012, and will go on until the tipping point. This is the point at which the collective shift towards higher consciousness is achieved by 10 percent of the world’s population. What ever destruction and chaos happens between now and then, aside from natural disasters, humans are the sole culprits.

What exactly does this mean? In short, it means that we are in the year 2000 and that we all are part of the creation in that Golden Age of Love Peace and Harmony because the Earth is moving towards a higher frequency and frequency, and everything is accelerating as well. It is important to notice how quickly time is going through. This isn’t just your imagination. It’s real. Develop to bring in the golden age of the future, there’s no turning back, therefore we must move forward in order to fulfill our goals as human beings. Make this the year in which you begin the spiritual practices of your preference to help you grow beyond your ego and bring closer to your Higher Self as well as to the divine.

Our lives have been shaped through the ages with five physical senses. However, the most evolved people have been able to live with seven or six senses. The entire human race is required to improve the sixth and seventh spiritual senses, which include intuition and the higher brain. They connect to your third eye, between your eyebrows, and also to the crown chakra on at the top of your head. You have to be able to to new frequencies that we’re experiencing and are exposed to and more. It is now the right time to grow at the speed you can as time is going by.

Ich wish you all the best for a happy year filled with joy when you reach higher consciousness and harmony with the beat of earth! Relax and enjoy a soothing tune! Take a moment to pamper yourself and join the awakening revolution.