Credit Cards Alternatives

Misfortunes are unpredictable and can occur to anyone. You may be unable to clear your firestone credit card or other credit card balances in such cases, which ruins your future creditworthiness. Then you will need to go for a credit card alternative. In this article, we will discuss better alternatives for credit cards.

Let’s get started with following Credit Cards Alternatives;

  1. Debit Card

Debit cards are payment cards linked to consumer’s checking account such as banks. Unlike credit cards, debit cards eliminate the risks of debts. However, some debit card issuers allow small credits, which should be cleared within the stipulated time. The cards also allow the holder to withdraw cash from the checking account.

Some debit cards offer rewards to their consumers.

Important note: Debit cards are not free from fraud as credit cards. Also these are not used as firestone Credit Cards are used.

  1. Overdraft

An overdraft is the other perfect credit card alternative.

It is a form of credit offered by banks and other financial institutions. Here, the concerned financial institution allows the checkout account holder to withdraw cash even when there is insufficient or no funds on his account.

Like in credit cards, there is an interest charged on every overdraft. Often, the interest rate of an overdraft is lower than that of credit cards.

Ensure to check, with your bank, the interest rate per credit.

  1. Secured Loan

This loan requires collateral inphysical assets such as a mortgage or liquid assets such as cash. The collateral should often be of the same or a higher amount as the loan you intend to apply.

The fees and interest vary with the lender and the amount borrowed. However, the interest rate is usually lower than on credit cards. This is because the borrower presents a lower risk to the lender due to the security provided.


If you are not satisfied with the credit card services, the above financial services can be a better option. However, it is advisable to compare different services and issuers before settling on either. Read more finance news from The Right News Network.